Clinical Fellowship:
This position is offered to US-trained general surgeons with a Texas State Medical License (or eligible). Most foreign-graduated general surgeons are not eligible as it demands primary patient care, and a need for certification is mandatory. Application for this Fellowship must be obtained trough the MIS Fellowship Council.

Research Fellowship:
This program is generally offered to foreign-trained general surgeons. The fellow would be primarily involved in clinical research, paper writing, teaching and meeting attendance. Surgical observation is also emphasized. The candidate must possess expertise in medical software, mainly database software, as well as knowledge of English language, both written and spoken. It is usually a 2 year program, depending upon the individual involved. This is a very important position for us and ECFMG/USMLE certification is strongly recommended. He/She will be required to qualify and be approved for an US VISA by the Department of Homeland Security (USCIS)

Short-stay Visitation (Observership):
We offer a short-stay visitation to residents/surgeons wishing to experience additional advanced laparoscopic training. The duration of this program may be days, weeks or months.

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Published on  November 21st, 2011